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Official Video- Maccabi Chai (European Maccabi Games 2015 Berlin)

„Maccabi Chai“, is the latest song by German-Israeli band Jewdyssee. It links the Orient to the Occident, the Middle East to the Eastern Bloc, and balalaika to club sounds. The band and lead singer Maya Saban produced a song for the 14th European Maccabi Games, which picks up a traditional sound combined with fresh pop music and electro beats, and immediately moves people to dance.
The 14th European Maccabi Games (EMG2015) will take place from July 27th until August 5th, 2015 in Germany for the first time. Over 2,000 athletes from 30 countries are expected to compete in Europe’s biggest Jewish sports event in Berlin. The EMG2015 are a sign of the European idea of unity and a plea for open and tolerant social interaction. The EMG2015 transfer the new German-Jewish self-perception to the public and represent the German and European Jews’ future which is characterized by friendship, trust and confidence.
Jewdyssee accomplishes to transport this self-perception in their new song and produce a unique anthem for the EMG2015!
The song’s title “Maccabi Chai” means “Maccabi lives” and is the slogan of all about 450 Maccabi sports clubs worldwide.

„Competing in Sports – United at Heart“

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Video by Cosmo Klein
Camera: Rool Rovner
Additional Material by Samson Schneidermann & Maccabi World Union
Written,Composed & Produced by Maya Saban, Nicolas Börger & Cosmo Klein




Mannheim! was ne Show!!! Verdient gewonnen Mazal Tov!!!

Jewrovision.. Was ne Nacht!!!! Allen Acts DANKE für die Energie und Leidenschaft!!



„Competing in Sports – United at Heart“ EMG MACCABI CHAI

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JEWDYSSEE @ Music For Goals



„MACCABI CHAI“ is the new song by German-Israeli band JEWDYSSEE
The exclusive EMG2015 song will be released on NOVEMBER 19!


more details to come….

The 14th European Maccabi Games (EMG2015) will take place from July 27th until August 5th, 2015 in Germany for the first time. The band and lead singer Maya Saban produced a song for the 14th European Maccabi Games Berlin 2015, which picks up a traditional sound combined with fresh pop music and electro beats. Coming Soon!!! MACCABI CHAI!


Yom Kippur mit Bushido

Es gibt so Momente, da ist einem alles klar. Zum Beispiel wenn die USA eine Woche nach der NSA-Prism-Aufdeckung eine Terrorwahrnehmung rausgibt oder wenn Bushido einen Integrationsbambi bekommt. Dann bedauert man, dass man Spengler’s “Untergang des Abendlandes” doch nicht zu Ende gelesen hat.

Als Bushido dann mit Shindy “Stress ohne Grund” rausgebracht hat und kurz danach die Meldung kam, dass er bald ein Buch veroeffentlicht, dann ist mein innerer Snowden auf meinem inneren Moskauer Flughafen erstmal richtig kacken gegangen. Nur eine Sache passte nicht ganz – Marcus Staiger sollte der co-Autor sein. Staiger fuehrt einen interessanten Blog und hat sich in der Vergangenheit an Themen rangetraut, die viele sonst meiden, wie zb. Antisemitismus im HipHop. Wie ging das zusammen? Wenn mir eine Sache auf den Sack geht, dann sind das Leute, die meinen, man muesste nur foerdern und nie fordern, also alles immer tolerieren um alle immer genau da abzuholen, wo sie gerade sind, ohne dasselbe auch vom Gegenueber zu erwarten. Dieses Motiv vermutete ich auch hinter dieser Kooperation. Also fragte ich bei Staiger nach, ob er er wirklich nicht die Problematik in Sachen Bushido und Integration erkenne. Nach einer kurzen FB-Diskussion zeigte sich dieser aeusserst optimistisch, dass sich meine Meinung NACH der Lektuere aendern koennte.
Das Buch wurde nun am 11.September (wow, understatement) veroeffentlicht und wie erwartet incl. einem ganzen Kapitelchen ueber Israel und Juden. Allerdings war es in der Tat kein reines hater-Kapitel, sondern teilweise uebberaschend vielschichtig. Deshalb erfolgt nun meine Analyse ebenfalls zuerst mit den positiven und erst danach mit den weniger erfreulichen Aspekten.  READ MORE

TARBUT PARTY feat. JEWDYSSEE (Wiesbaden 21.09)

Electro Swing und Weltmusik Konzert + Party in der RÄUCHERKAMMER

21.09. Sa / Einlass 23:00 / Beginn 24:00 / AK 6,00 €

Kulturzentrum Schlachthof
Wiesbaden e.V.
Murnaustr. 1

(ehemals Gartenfeldstraße 57)

65189 Wiesbaden


Berlin – Here I come!

I can’t believe I’m actually writing this blog post. It’s been far too long ago, and I’m sorry. I guess, life has been filled with too many projects the last year and now I’m finally ready to talk about them. 

Four major things happened in 2012:

1) I dug out that courage within me and finally booked a ticket to Ukraine, to do that trip I always dreamt of. For two weeks I travelled around in Western Ukraine, in my grandfathers footsteps, alone. Discovered the place where he was born, the city where he grew up and sadly also the city where his family died during the Second World War. I will write a blogpost about this trip and about my family research (a pretty amazing story) very soon!

2) Got elected as one of the youngest members of the Jewish Community Council in Stockholm. Really looking forward to get going with this mission, being a more active part of the Jewish Community.

3) Went to Belarus with a Swedish Television crew from “Uppdrag Granskning” (Mission: Investigation), filming the TV documentary ‘The Black Boxes’ about the telecom company TeliaSonera and their cooperation with secret services in dictatorships, which started a huge debate in Sweden and internationally about corporate responsibilities.

4) Went to Poland with my cousin, producing our first Radio Documentary together, about the political happenings and antisemitic campaign in Poland 1968, also a little trip back to our mothers roots…

It’s a new year now, and I hope that this year will be filled with at least as many interesting happenings as last year… I already have one thing to look forward to. Guess what! In a week from now I’m going to Berlin, for the first time in my life. I’m so happy to be one of 50 participants from all over the world, at the ‘Shifting Thought Shifting Action‘, starting next sunday in Berlin, where change-makers of Jewish life in Europe are gathering to re:envision the future of Jewish communities in Europe. I’ll be listening to and meeting loads of interesting people, but also have a session/workshop myself, where I’ll be talking about campaigning; how to reach out and succeed with your goals (actually, how to CHANGE; change the society, change the world, you name it). I’m so much looking forward to this. I’m sure that these few days will be really inspiring when it comes to my work within the Jewish Community of Stockholm, but also life in general.

I always wanted to go to Berlin! Now I’m finally doing it. See you soon!



The Election 2013 aka The (little) Israeli Spring

Yes, this result is amazing. Okay, Netanyahu will continue to annoy us as prime minister but just one month ago it looked like we would have to deal with a rightwing revolution and having a scenario of Netanyahu, Lieberman and Bennett ruling the country, isolating Israel even further and widening the gap between the Jewish country and the Jewish diaspora.

But Bibi won´t kick it extremist-style, not when the rightwing majority remains just 61-59 seats versus the center parties. Probably he will need Yair Lapid, the shooting star of this election, who led his Yesh Atid Party to the second place with 18-19 seats. And Yair Lapid may be neither Rabin nor Obama, but for sure he is also not Naftali Bennett. Israel jumped over the abyss. Sorry Mr. Shlomo Sand, this is not an invented people, this is the Start Up Nation, big difference. The haters may say whatever they want, but in times when there is civil war in Syria and Islamists taking over Egypt, the little Israel in between is voting not for fear, but for a surprising dose of hope. Yair Lapid in the government would mean that an independence from either the Ultra-Orthodox parties or Bennett´s freak collection is theoretically possible.

And another great thing – where the heck is Lieberman now? The strategy of Netanyahu and Lieberman has failed. And as long as they won´t send Lieberman anymore around the world as the foreign minister in the next years, this election was already quite a Moses-styled splitting of the sea. READ MORE


Yair Lapid, Israel’s Obama?

For those of you who don’t know much about Lapid, here are a few insights into the leader of Yesh Atid, who looks like he will be THE big player on the Israeli political scene. Lapid is kingmaker to King Bibi.

Lapid  says he knows Israeli politicians well from covering politics for many years as a journalist, and he’s “not afraid of them.” I wonder though about his staying power: just how much fight does this former amateur boxer have in him? Because listening to his fighting words, especially against the current political system and pretty much every single serving Israeli member of Knesset [especially the religious MKs but not just them], I predict that Yair Lapid is going to get into the fight of his life – whether he joins the next coalition or stays in the opposition. And it’s going to be a long and ugly fight, so it’s just as well that Lapid said he’s going into politics for the long run. “It’s my second career and there won’t be a third,” he says.

He says he’s going to be a good, thorough, and professional politician, that he’s going to take it extremely seriously, and stuck to his promise of not recruiting any serving Israeli MK into his new party.

Like US President Barack Obama when he ran for his first term, Lapid is someone who is banking on a message of change; change in the political system, change in the nation’s fiscal and social priorities, change in the education system, change to the rules of national burden: he promises that he will work for seismic changes to the national fabric of Israeli society: the ultra-Orthodox must serve in the army or national service and they must join the workforce etc.

But like Obama, Lapid may be creating too many expectations, and might suffer from this down the line when he’s faced with the harsh realities of the Israeli political system, and the expected economic downturn and massive budget cuts the next government will have to implement.

But for now, Yair Lapid is clearly enjoying himself. He’s enjoying “telling the truth” as opposed to politicians’ necessity of messaging and towing party lines. He’s enjoying motivating people and firing up the discontented secular middle class.

Like Obama’s first campaign, Lapid crowd-sourced his campaign, mostly on the Internet. His Facebook friends asked him questions, and he sat all night and answered them. I followed one of his staffer’s Instagram account, and I can tell you that Lapid held at least one parlor meeting every day somewhere in the country. Every day. READ MORE