Dear France,

I’m sad tonight.

I shouldn’t. My country is going mad.

It has been like that for some times now.

I’m sad tonight.

There was a protest march today in Paris and words were said against Jews, words from another century.

They don’t hide anymore.

Did they ever? Or was I depth? Or blind? Or both?

You can go to a diner party nowadays and hear regular folks defending the worst abomination and saying “can’t we laugh anymore?”

What if each people put their identity,  their religion, their gender away, for an instant? Would we still be fighting against each other?

That’s what Rocé sings in the song Seul (Alone) ( Album Identité en Crescendo-2006)

Dear France, don’t be afraid, we are all differents but so alike, we are coming from so many different places.

So when you will be asked ” Where do you come from?” Just answer ” I’m from here”.

With love