Person of Interest Aryeh Deri of Shas is Prison Break – making a comeback to the political party he led thirteen years ago after a long stint in prison for financial corruption. But first he has to push current leader Eli Yishai aside.

Yishai, a hardliner on asylum seekers, refugees, and anybody else who is not ultra-Orthodox Jewish, will say and do anything to keep his position, so he’s Lie To Me.

Together, Deri and Yishai are Supernatural; just like the party they’re in.

Olmert, convicted on charges of corruption, is the Sopranos.

Many in the legal and academic institutions in Israel see the return of Deri and Olmert as the season of Criminal Minds.

Current Kadima chief and Leader of the Opposition Shaul Mofaz is Walking Dead, because Kadima is not expected to survive the coming elections.

Former Kadima chief Tzippi Livni is definitely no Good Wife. She can’t come back to Kadima without Olmert, and if she starts her own party, she probably won’t clear the electoral threshold. She desperately wants to come back to the Knesset, but can’t find a way in. Livni finds herself in a weird limbo, a Bermuda triangle of sorts. Very much Lost.

Haim Ramon is working on his next Big Bang Theory.

Yisrael Beytenu’s Avigdor Lieberman is part Doctor Who [because he is such a mysterious figure] and part Breaking Bad [because he always seems to be on the run from the police].

Yair Lapid is The X Factor – spending every day going from parlor meeting to parlor meeting holding a microphone and giving his best performance, asking for your vote.

Meretz is Desperate Housewives – they’re elegant and sticking to their political base, but many of their voters are going to cheat on them with Labor’s Shelly Yechimovich, who has cast herself in the role of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, promising to put an end to the “evil” capitalist government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and all of its sins.

Ehud Barak’s political travails are seemingly over, his political life seemingly dead and buried. He has left a long and disturbing trail of political bones behind him, and he heads into these elections leading a Smallville party with virtually no chance of passing the electoral threshold. He is, therefore, Bones.

As for Netanyahu, he’s likely to keep ruling the Homeland for another season after the elections.

All the smaller parties are Scrubs up Dawson’s Creek.