These blintzes are made up of light and fluffy crepes with a thick filling of cheese that make them delicious and impossible to stop at just one.

Ingredients for Crepe Batter:
18 eggs
3 cups of water
3 cups of potato starch

Ingredients for Cheese Batter:
4 containers of cottage cheese
3 eggs
3/4 cup of sugar

Mix the Crepe batter ingredients together. Pour 1/3 cup of batter into a frying pan and cook the crepe until solid. Then flip it out of the frying pan onto a plate. Once you have cooked all the crepes, mix together the cheese batter ingredients in a large bowl. Fill the center with some of the cheese mixture, and fold over the sides to form a blintze. Repeat until all blintzes are formed. Heat up a frying pan and cook the blintzes. Serve with jam or sour cream.

~ Recipe submitted by Nina Safar