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Mendelssohn X is a project of a young and sympathetic jounalist living in Vienna and Berlin. Now on and

Occupy Dick – NO Burka for my Penis! Petition gegen Fundamentalismus und Ganzeichelverhüllung


Nach einer Entscheidung des Kölner Landgerichts sollen jüdische und muslimische Penisse nicht mehr das Recht haben sich zb.unverhüllt in der Öffentlichkeit zu zeigen. Die geforderte Ganzeichelverhüllung stellt einen massiven Eingriff in die Persönlichkeitsrechte der betroffenen Schwänze dar. Die Situation lässt sich nur noch mit dem Afghanistan der 90er Jahre vergleichen, als die Frauen des Landes von der Burkapflicht der Taliban-Regierung überrascht wurden. READ MORE


Thoughts on Israel and why „The Start-Up Nation“ is next on my reading list

Once again, I have returned from an Israel-trip feeling deeply connected to this tiny little place in the middle of this neverending crisis called the Middle East.

In recent years I suffered from a growing fruststration with the Jewish State. In the 1990s I ran around the streets of Germany telling everyone I was half-Israeli and about to move back soon. That self-labeling (half-Israeli) was entirely untrue for a Jewish German, but in the years between Oslo and Rabin´s assassination there was this feeling that the Kingdom of David was soon to be rebuilt as a true light onto the nations. Even after 911 and the growing threat of international Jihadism I thought that Israel did not choose the situation it was constantly in, but was a mere victim of the circumstances. That impression changed slowly as I participated in more and more Israel trips as a Journalist, visiting Ramallah and Hebron, and actually learning that Israelis suffer from the same brainswashing as their neighbors, just a little bit less bloody due to the Western influence. And when the Netanyahu-Lieberman-Yishai government took office in 2009 there was a severe danger that the relationship status would switch from „complicated“ into „none“.

With this feeling I arrived at Ben Gurion Airport last week, with nothing left of the Exodus-Movie-like Zionism I grew up with. Nothing? Of course not. How could a nice Jewish boy whose mother used to sing „Erev Shel Shoshanim“ for him every night, ever drop that bond? But what once was a fire was reduced to a small flame. I turned from a Moses-Jew into a Ben-Stiller-Jew.

And don´t get me wrong, it was not that everything changed immediately after arrival last week – once again the country proved to be a collection of terribly driving and loud dumbasses, who don´t even have the inner peace and strength to wait in line at a bus stop, always running around stressed with no bigger fear than someone thinking of them as a „frayer“ (victim). Still, my love for the country received a major renewal. READ MORE


How Moses would have reacted to the NEW JEWDYSSEE Album “5773″

Tents. Saturday night, after Shabbat. Moses is lying down thinking about the ongoing quarrels that have been endangering the unity of the people.

Ariel is a freelancing Torah and tabernacle carrier who works additionally in his free time as a storyteller. Because of him everyone would later know about Moses and the Israelites. But during the exodus? Don´t be so 21st century like arrogant. Back then he had to pay his bills. At this moment he was drinking Arak with a few guys from the tribe of Ephraim. He himself was from the tribe of Judah. His descendants, around 3300 years later in Berlin, would be half Rastafarii, and half Jewish. Iron Lion Zion-style.

But he felt exactly like someone who was born even hundreds of years before King David. He actually also felt a bit half-bibled.

The desert wind, which had blown quite Age-of-Aquarius-like until now, turned into a storm. The priests approached Moses and asked him „Dude, is it coming from „you know whom“ or is it just a natural phenomenon”? Now Moses was quite a relaxed prophet. He wouldn´t mind it that much if his name would appear 3300 years later in a form of written caricature. His fans would not burn the Danish flag for that. But sometimes, when he didn´t know exactly if a certain change in reality came from „you know whom“ or just „happened“, he would look like a Marketing consultant for some kind of win-win situation. So he decided to just wait for whatever happens next.

Ariel storms in the tent, out of breath.

Ariel: Moses, Moses.
Moses: eh?
Ariel: I´m having visions…
Moses: no kidding, huh? Well, join the club!
Ariel: I made contact with Aliens.
Moses: What else is new?
Ariel: They say they are soundwaves.
Moses: Been there, done that! And then they said to you „The Songlines are the paths to our ancestors“…
Ariel: No. Actually they didn´t.
Moses: So what did they say?
Ariel: So – in like 3300 years there will be a city, in which everything grows together. East and West, Past and Future. And from there will come a Shir Hadash al Zion, a new song.
Moses: Dude, we didn´t even release the „Slaves of Pharao“-Tapes yet. READ MORE


Jerusalem – One day, you´ll be the city of peace!


The Refugee Problem or why Racism is as unkosher as pork

You shall not oppress a stranger, for you know the feelings of the stranger, having yourself been strangers in the land of Egypt. (Shemot 23:9)

“The Israelites have become much too numerous for us. Come, we must deal shrewdly with them or they will become even more numerous and, if war breaks out, will join our enemies, fight against us” (Shemot 1:9-10).

A video of extremely hostile looking anti-African demonstrators in South Tel Aviv has angered the Jewish world in the last days. It´s a tough topic, Jews and racism. It´s kinda like as if Louis Armstrong would say that his songs are nothing when compared to Justin Biebers. On the other hand the wrath of the residents has a reason, there are problems, just as in other cases as well, the problems aren´t caused only by the scapegoats. The root of this whole issue is actually something to be proud of: Israel is the only country in the region that takes in suffering non-Jewish African Refugees, who are endangered to get their organs traficked or even killed in the countries they have to pass on the way to the Jewish State. And Israel is also one of the most diverse countries worldwide, it´s ethnicity-wise a microcosm of the whole world.
But Israel wouldn´t be Israel, if the majority understood what is actually great about the country. The irrational, religious critics have the idea of gathering in only Jews, and the rational critics point out that Israel is not Western Europe and has enough demographic and economic struggles and cannot take in masses of unlearned refugees. Danny Danon, a member of the Knesset of the Likud Party wants them out, out, out. Do me a favor and google Danny Danon and picture search. American Psycho meets From Dusk till Dawn. READ MORE


Quo vadis: Light onto the nations or an average intolerant society?


Intermarriage, Holocaust remembrance and the victory over Hitler

Yesterday I posted the Ynet-article about the extremist group „Lehava“ who currently runs „Jewish Girls – Don´t date Non-Jews“-campaigns in Israel.
Interestingly, many decent people told me in private that those issues should be silenced because I would do bad PR for Israel in these harsh times. The thing is just that as most Jews in the post-holocaust era, I have a good nose for Antisemitism, but additionally, as a German Jew I smell Nazism like a police dog smells particles of drugs.
And Nazism doesn´t start in the entrance door of Auschwitz, Nazism starts when someone like Hitler writes in 1923 about his anger of seeing blong German girls date Jewish men. It may be news to some people, but yes, „getting drunk“ and „being drunk“ are interrelated.
In the comments beneath the article some readers defended it by saying: Yes, this is important, because intermarriage is a silent holocaust. I am serious, that is what they said.
I once wrote a text about this, which I took back later due to bad timing, but I think here is the right place to publish it. But before I wanna put out one thing, to make clear that I am not like those people who made the „ad“:

Everyone is free to choose his/her partner according to preferred criteria, and if observant religion is your top priority, you might wanna look for a similar partner, that´s fine, or as we say: Find out what interests you and be as good as you can. But this is a highly confidential and personal decision. But if people make anti-Arab campaigns compareable to “Kauft nicht bei Juden”, it is a declaration of war against everything which is good about the Judaism I grew up with. READ MORE


Jon Stewart (The Best) meets Sacha Baron Cohen (The most successful)


“Ualla du Jude, ich ficke dich” – Der IDF-Sprecher aus dem Wedding

Jetzt bin ich endlich dazu gekommen, dass 2010 erschienene Buch “Ein nasser Hund ist besser als ein trockener Jude” von Arye Sharuz Shalicar zu lesen. Darin erzählt der Neu-Israeli und gebürtige Deutsch-Iraner Sharuz über seine Kindheit und Jugend im Wedding als waschechter “Kanakenjude”, der unter Arabern ein Jude ist, und für die Deutschen ein “Türke”.

Ich stand dem Buch eher skeptisch gegenüber, da Sharuz mittlerweile Sprecher für die israelische Armee ist, und ich befürchtete eines dieser “Man kann in Deutschland als Jude nicht leben”-Büchern in der Hand zu halten, mit der Aufforderung so bald wie möglich nach Israel auszuwandern, oder zumindest mit einem Sarrazin-like Abgesang auf Multikulti.

Doch jeder, der in Deutschland aufgewachsen ist und nicht den Dauerschutz einer wohlhabenden “rein-Deutschen” Nachbarschaft genießen konnte, wird viele von Sharuz beschriebenen Anfeindungen aus dem muslimischen Milieu wiedererkennen. Ich erinnere mich noch an die Pogrom-artige Atmosphäre in den ersten Jahren nach dem 11.September und die Blindheit der Mehrheitsgesellschaft für dieses politisch unkorrekte Problem. Doch Sharuz war nach eigener Beschreibung selbst Gang-Mitglied und berichtet wie seine Gang aus Libanesen und Palästinensern ihn zeitweilig vor antisemitischen Übergriffen schützen konnte. Er ist nicht einseitig und schreibt mit einer spürbaren Wut im Bauch über die Jüdische Gemeinde in Berlin, die ihn als persischen Juden als Juden zweiter Klasse behandelt habe. READ MORE


Israel´s Independence Day or Why the true Liberal Left should support the Jewish State

Not that it has ever been easy. But recently expressing sympathies for Israel among European leftwing liberals receives the same reaction as if you´d say: I like fake boobs. People have a hard time imagining that there could be any other reason for saying something like this than having been completely brainwashed. The hostility towards the Jewish State is much bigger than it is the intention of the people who have it. I don´know how it is in the other European countries, where there is no holocaust trauma, but for many on the extreme German Left and also Center, it makes sense to believe in a legend about the Germans learning more from Auschwitz than the Jews. Many think that „especially the Jews should know how it is like to be persecuted“. It is absolutely correct to view history as a teacher, and the Jews do this quite intense with their strange glorification of national events, which sometimes leads to humanistic highlights like: „Don´t oppress the stranger for once you have been a stranger in Egypt“. And human beings should learn from the past, but the average Anti-Zionist believes that the war ended for the Jews just like it did for the Germans. With all respect to all fallen soldiers of Germany and Israel, but every person should agree that it was easier to return to Munich after losing a war, than to the not even existing Israel after losing everything and sometimes even everyone. And by this I´m not saying that it wasn´t a desaster for everyone involved also in Germany. But the war didn´t end for the Jews in 1945. The Jews as an entity weren´t at war. Some were struggling for a state in Palestine since the 1880s, others were leading comparable comfortable lives in the US, and others were exterminated – in Europe. The faith in humanity in Germany is far reaching, since the experience was that one can start and lose at least one World War and get away with it and get a new chance. If you see all humanity as one society, this experience is something for the richer upper class. A war is lost, but since then so much was won that it really doesn´t matter, Germany´s uncle is a millionaire. And since Israel is seen WITH RESPECT as part of the Western hemisphere – the cultural zone where killing homosexuals is not a National TV event – many think that Israel is basically Germany, but completely stuck in the wrong Testament. Actually, Israel has 99 problems, but a bitch AIN´T one. READ MORE