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Mendelssohn X is a project of a young and sympathetic jounalist living in Vienna and Berlin. Now on and

Yom Kippur mit Bushido

Es gibt so Momente, da ist einem alles klar. Zum Beispiel wenn die USA eine Woche nach der NSA-Prism-Aufdeckung eine Terrorwahrnehmung rausgibt oder wenn Bushido einen Integrationsbambi bekommt. Dann bedauert man, dass man Spengler’s “Untergang des Abendlandes” doch nicht zu Ende gelesen hat.

Als Bushido dann mit Shindy “Stress ohne Grund” rausgebracht hat und kurz danach die Meldung kam, dass er bald ein Buch veroeffentlicht, dann ist mein innerer Snowden auf meinem inneren Moskauer Flughafen erstmal richtig kacken gegangen. Nur eine Sache passte nicht ganz – Marcus Staiger sollte der co-Autor sein. Staiger fuehrt einen interessanten Blog und hat sich in der Vergangenheit an Themen rangetraut, die viele sonst meiden, wie zb. Antisemitismus im HipHop. Wie ging das zusammen? Wenn mir eine Sache auf den Sack geht, dann sind das Leute, die meinen, man muesste nur foerdern und nie fordern, also alles immer tolerieren um alle immer genau da abzuholen, wo sie gerade sind, ohne dasselbe auch vom Gegenueber zu erwarten. Dieses Motiv vermutete ich auch hinter dieser Kooperation. Also fragte ich bei Staiger nach, ob er er wirklich nicht die Problematik in Sachen Bushido und Integration erkenne. Nach einer kurzen FB-Diskussion zeigte sich dieser aeusserst optimistisch, dass sich meine Meinung NACH der Lektuere aendern koennte.
Das Buch wurde nun am 11.September (wow, understatement) veroeffentlicht und wie erwartet incl. einem ganzen Kapitelchen ueber Israel und Juden. Allerdings war es in der Tat kein reines hater-Kapitel, sondern teilweise uebberaschend vielschichtig. Deshalb erfolgt nun meine Analyse ebenfalls zuerst mit den positiven und erst danach mit den weniger erfreulichen Aspekten.  READ MORE

The Election 2013 aka The (little) Israeli Spring

Yes, this result is amazing. Okay, Netanyahu will continue to annoy us as prime minister but just one month ago it looked like we would have to deal with a rightwing revolution and having a scenario of Netanyahu, Lieberman and Bennett ruling the country, isolating Israel even further and widening the gap between the Jewish country and the Jewish diaspora.

But Bibi won´t kick it extremist-style, not when the rightwing majority remains just 61-59 seats versus the center parties. Probably he will need Yair Lapid, the shooting star of this election, who led his Yesh Atid Party to the second place with 18-19 seats. And Yair Lapid may be neither Rabin nor Obama, but for sure he is also not Naftali Bennett. Israel jumped over the abyss. Sorry Mr. Shlomo Sand, this is not an invented people, this is the Start Up Nation, big difference. The haters may say whatever they want, but in times when there is civil war in Syria and Islamists taking over Egypt, the little Israel in between is voting not for fear, but for a surprising dose of hope. Yair Lapid in the government would mean that an independence from either the Ultra-Orthodox parties or Bennett´s freak collection is theoretically possible.

And another great thing – where the heck is Lieberman now? The strategy of Netanyahu and Lieberman has failed. And as long as they won´t send Lieberman anymore around the world as the foreign minister in the next years, this election was already quite a Moses-styled splitting of the sea. READ MORE


Barack Shlomo Obama – A truly great President!

One fascinating reason to be proud of in the Jewish world these days, is the fact that still the vast majority, nearly ¾ of American Jews declare in surveys that they will vote for Obama.

The rightwing media has tried everything to prevent that. Endless articles were written about Barack HUSSEIN Obama, being a secret muslim and enemy of the Jewish state. You have to imagine that, in many countries antisemitism still leads people to call their political enemies „secret Jews“, and the fortunately small rightwing fraction in the Jewish world, and the unfortunately large rightwing fraction among Israeli Jews have nothing better to do than using the methods of „antisemitism“ themselves as soon as they get the chance to. Obama has some kind of Muslim connection, so the haters think he must have double loyality, he is fooling America, it is all written in the Protocols of the Elders of Mecca.

And why? Because he showed respect to the Muslim world in his Cairo speech and he didn´t declare openly that he wants to start Armageddon by attacking Iran immediately. What these people forget is the following:

(Numbers and stats from

Obama provided Israel with the largest amount of American military aid in U.S. history, including:



Rabbi Ben Chorin – Help us to keep our “Braveheart of Berlin”!

(Rabbi Tovia Ben Chorin)

The current pro-fundamentalist community leaders want to cancel the contract with man who we all love.

In any profession you only have a small amount of people who can be called the top of the top, but especially from our religious leaders we expect an extra amount of dedication because the product of their work are neither bus rides nor tomatoes, but our spiritual welfare. Is there anything more sad than having to listen to an uninspiring Rabbi? I think more or less we long for a Rabbi who is a mixture of the Godfather and Gandalf, no? Someone who always has an ear, followed by a mouth full of good advice while guiding us with kind eyes. And a little bit of magic. A little bit of the feeling that what we receive is something passed on through generations, the Gelee Royale of our tradition. And how blessed are we in Berlin, that after all the suffering from the 20th century and all those decades where being Jewish meant to be sad and broken, we have a Rabbi who is inspiring all ages, to whose words we listen, and who gives us the feeling that the chain of the best of our tradition is unbroken.

Rabbi Tovia Ben Chorin, born in 1936 in Jerusalem as the son of Schalom Ben Chorin, the founder of the Har El Community of Jerusalem, is not just a living sage when it comes to Judaism, he is also an active supporter of so many coexistence projects, be it about German-Jewish reconcialition, Jewish-Muslim and Jewish-Christian dialogue and Israeli-Palestinian peace initiatives.

But what makes him special is to see this older man being young at heart. His tireless efforts to keep this special atmosphere in our community and this regained feeling and pride that our German-Jewish tradition is vibrant and alive, although not just the Nazis have tried everything to prevent that. READ MORE


Can a Britney Spears caricature make this guy attack YOUR embassy?

You have the chance to WIN an ORIGNAL Chicken Soup “Spririt of Ashkenasia” (family recipe) if you can make a Britney Spears caricature that causes this guy to attack the German or Israeli Embassy in Washington D.C. READ MORE


5773 – Rosh Hashanah Message from Berlin

Dear Sinai Crew worlwide,

in the great times of the 1990s many of my generation were kids who felt they should have been born in the 1960s/1970s, those exciting times when „everything changed“. As it is with Utopias, a magic shell from a fairy tale with which one can communicate over long distances is more romantic than a mobile phone, and to dream yourself into the musical „Hair“ is more romantic than holding a sign at an „Occupy Whatever“ demonstration.

The securities of the 1990s are gone. In Israel the question is not whether the next country with which it will make peace will be Syria, but whether the next world war could possibly evolve from there. In Europe the question is not which countries should join in the fun next, but which ones should stay. And how is it in Berlin? Hmmm….right now you have the choice to ask yourself whether you´re more pissed off by the Circumcision verdict or by the fact that you cannot wear a Kipa as freely as in NY. READ MORE


5773 – Shana Tova!!!

Sorry, no new Show this year :( But soon Mendelssohn X will be “on air” again :-)) Best Wishes for YOU and YOUR beloved ones!



Thoughts on the Antisemitic attack in Berlin-Schöneberg,7340,L-4274746,00.html

“A rabbi was attacked by four youths on Wednesday as he was walking with his six-year-old daughter on a Berlin street, police in the German capital reported.

The rabbi (53), who was dressed in traditional attire, was confronted by the youths, reportedly of Arab origin, in the German city’s western Schöneberg neighborhood. “Are you a Jew,” they asked him, and then proceeded to attack him. He was admitted to a hospital with head wounds. Police said the assailants insulted the rabbi’s religion and his mother, and also threatened the kill his daughter before fleeing the scene.”


Berlin is flourishing. And Jewish Berlin is flourishing, too. What´s not flourishing is Jewish Berlin, when the Jews are recognizable as Jews. Sounds strange? But that´s how it seems, Berlin is the place where everyone fits in, especially cosmopolitan Jews, but not the Jew with a Kipa. The society doesn´t feel too-Jewish needs outside of holocaust movies. Germany is doing a great effort, but it cannot hide the fact, that now it is not the 1990s anymore, and the wish to keep things calm is stronger than to make the additional effort of pushing certain values through in its streets, no matter what. In which country did force ever work in issues like this? Jews can only be protected from Nazis. That makes sense. But the kind of aggression that happened yesterday is just not metaphysically rehearsed. Indeed, the human rights crowd desperately tries to protect Jews – from circumcision. Life happens only inside the bureaucracy here, not in the streets. Next week there is supposed to be a big festival for integration at the very place where the attack took place. But the irony is that this festival is already planned since weeks. Berlin is the carneval of cultures, but this carneval becomes more and more similar to the Olympic Games 1972. Jews are welcome in the audience, but not with an own team. READ MORE


2008 Nostalgia ;)


The holiday of Tisha B´Av