Yes, this result is amazing. Okay, Netanyahu will continue to annoy us as prime minister but just one month ago it looked like we would have to deal with a rightwing revolution and having a scenario of Netanyahu, Lieberman and Bennett ruling the country, isolating Israel even further and widening the gap between the Jewish country and the Jewish diaspora.

But Bibi won´t kick it extremist-style, not when the rightwing majority remains just 61-59 seats versus the center parties. Probably he will need Yair Lapid, the shooting star of this election, who led his Yesh Atid Party to the second place with 18-19 seats. And Yair Lapid may be neither Rabin nor Obama, but for sure he is also not Naftali Bennett. Israel jumped over the abyss. Sorry Mr. Shlomo Sand, this is not an invented people, this is the Start Up Nation, big difference. The haters may say whatever they want, but in times when there is civil war in Syria and Islamists taking over Egypt, the little Israel in between is voting not for fear, but for a surprising dose of hope. Yair Lapid in the government would mean that an independence from either the Ultra-Orthodox parties or Bennett´s freak collection is theoretically possible.

And another great thing – where the heck is Lieberman now? The strategy of Netanyahu and Lieberman has failed. And as long as they won´t send Lieberman anymore around the world as the foreign minister in the next years, this election was already quite a Moses-styled splitting of the sea.

It won´t be the salvation coming up, the same way as even an US president Obama has only limited opportunities to fulfill the highest altruistic expectations. But the rightwing revolution didn´t take place, Israel won´t cease to exist in 5 years, and we should definitely open up some Goldstars and Maccabis on that election night. Not Champagne, but some proud little beers. Netanyahu will have to listen to some serious Leonard Cohen from now on, no chance for Bennett´s clandestine Kahanism. Change is possible, and that´s already so much more than we initially expected from this election.


Current results (Channel 2):


Likud 31 seats

Yesh Atid 18 seats

Labor 17 seats

Meretz 7 seats

Habayit Yehudi 12 seats

Shas 12 seats

Hatnua 7 seats

United Torah Judaism 6 seats

Kadima 0 seats

Otzma 0-2 seats

Arab parties 9 seats