One fascinating reason to be proud of in the Jewish world these days, is the fact that still the vast majority, nearly ¾ of American Jews declare in surveys that they will vote for Obama.

The rightwing media has tried everything to prevent that. Endless articles were written about Barack HUSSEIN Obama, being a secret muslim and enemy of the Jewish state. You have to imagine that, in many countries antisemitism still leads people to call their political enemies „secret Jews“, and the fortunately small rightwing fraction in the Jewish world, and the unfortunately large rightwing fraction among Israeli Jews have nothing better to do than using the methods of „antisemitism“ themselves as soon as they get the chance to. Obama has some kind of Muslim connection, so the haters think he must have double loyality, he is fooling America, it is all written in the Protocols of the Elders of Mecca.

And why? Because he showed respect to the Muslim world in his Cairo speech and he didn´t declare openly that he wants to start Armageddon by attacking Iran immediately. What these people forget is the following:

(Numbers and stats from

Obama provided Israel with the largest amount of American military aid in U.S. history, including:

* Over $3 billion per year to assist Israel’s military to ensure it has the latest and most efficient technologies and weapons available; and

* $275 million in supplemental funding to develop the Iron Dome missile system, praised by Israel’s defense leaders for its “exceptional” success at saving the lives of Israelis who live under threat from Hamas’ rockets.

* Additional funding for the Arrow and David’s Sling missile systems, bringing the total funding for missile defense to $650 milliondouble the amount spent by the Bush Administration.

Obama restored Israel’s Qualitative Military Edge (QME) with advanced weaponry by:

* Signing the U.S.-Israel Enhanced Security Act;

* Selling Israel bunker busting bombs and F-35 fighter planes while fast-tracking arms sales;

* Committing American troops to the 2009 Juniper Cobra and 2012 Austere Challenge joint military exercises—the largest and most extensive exercises ever with Israel;

Authorizing Israel to use American weapons stored in Israel during an emergency; and

* Working with Israel to combat smuggling into Gaza.

Obama’s diplomatic support for Israel is unparalleled. Obama:

Forcefully opposed the Palestinians’ attempt to unilaterally declare a state;

* Rallied the world against a nuclear-armed Iran and continues to lead the sanctions effort by example;

* Voted with Israel 100% of the time at the United Nations, a first in modern history;

Defended Israel’s legitimacy on the world stage, and vocally protested efforts to isolate Israel at the United Nations and in UN bodies;

* Consistently affirmed the U.S.-Israel bond; and

* Asserted Israel’s right to self-defense repeatedly—including against the Gaza flotilla.

Obama personally came to Israel’s aid immediately when it needed it most. Obama:

* Answered Israel’s “3am phone call” and personally intervened to rescue Israel’s diplomats in Cairo; and

Personally ordered that Israel receive “whatever it need[ed]” to put out the Carmel fire.


Does this sound anti-Israel to you? No, well that´s maybe because he is pretty much the most pro-Israel president in US history.

Let´s talk honestly, why does the Jewish rightwing hate Obama? Because he clashed with Netanyahu? Because he doesn´t pray to Avigdor Lieberman three times a day? If you look at the current American and the current Israeli administration, can you seriously rape your brain in such extreme ways that you believe that the problem is in the White House?

Since Jews and the land of Israel play quite an impressive positive role in the imagination of Christian Evangelicals (until they have to convert to Christianity in the end of days) and quite a negative role in the imagination of a whole lot of other people in this world, many Israelis seem to only know two feelings – either to be absolutely loved or to be absolutely hated. This feeling and fear is what the rightwing uses in order to spread all this crap we have to deal with.

If the country wants to free itself one day from everything which still holds it down and become the amazing Start-Up-Nation that it can be (and partly is already) its rightwing will need to learn to recognize friendship on the same level, between two partners, and not distrust everyone who doesn´t recognize biblical choseness.

Barack Obama has made clear that his career would not have been possible without the large Jewish contribution to the Civil Rights Movement in the US. In his first administration were so many Jews that he could have a minyan in the White House every other day.

Let´s tell our rightwing friends the truth, and prevent them from using antisemitic methods to slander a great president.