(Rabbi Tovia Ben Chorin)

The current pro-fundamentalist community leaders want to cancel the contract with man who we all love.

In any profession you only have a small amount of people who can be called the top of the top, but especially from our religious leaders we expect an extra amount of dedication because the product of their work are neither bus rides nor tomatoes, but our spiritual welfare. Is there anything more sad than having to listen to an uninspiring Rabbi? I think more or less we long for a Rabbi who is a mixture of the Godfather and Gandalf, no? Someone who always has an ear, followed by a mouth full of good advice while guiding us with kind eyes. And a little bit of magic. A little bit of the feeling that what we receive is something passed on through generations, the Gelee Royale of our tradition. And how blessed are we in Berlin, that after all the suffering from the 20th century and all those decades where being Jewish meant to be sad and broken, we have a Rabbi who is inspiring all ages, to whose words we listen, and who gives us the feeling that the chain of the best of our tradition is unbroken.

Rabbi Tovia Ben Chorin, born in 1936 in Jerusalem as the son of Schalom Ben Chorin, the founder of the Har El Community of Jerusalem, is not just a living sage when it comes to Judaism, he is also an active supporter of so many coexistence projects, be it about German-Jewish reconcialition, Jewish-Muslim and Jewish-Christian dialogue and Israeli-Palestinian peace initiatives.

But what makes him special is to see this older man being young at heart. His tireless efforts to keep this special atmosphere in our community and this regained feeling and pride that our German-Jewish tradition is vibrant and alive, although not just the Nazis have tried everything to prevent that.

The current community leadership around the new chairman Gideon Joffe is leading a crusade against our Jewish tradition of open-minded faith. The gun is pointed at our liberal values and projects, be it a mixed choir or a Rabbi who has better things to talk about than just „Separation, Separation, Separation“.

Last monday Boris Braun, the new delegate for Culture, made it into our Synagogue in the Pestalozzi Street (http://synagoge-pestalozzistrasse.de/). In a meeting held due to the recent attacks of the Joffe regime against the existence of our modern Judaism, Braun was confronted by the congregation about an interview he had given claiming that our community was dissatisfied with Ben Chorin. Then came the unforgetable moment: The whole community stood up from their chairs in support of Ben Chorin, there was literally no one, even the elderly, remaining on their seats. And when one of the speakers demanded Braun, who was standing with the back towards the congregation, to turn around and take a look at this overwhelming support of our Rabbi – he simply didn´t do it. The man who went around telling the media that OUR CONGREGATION basically demands him not to prolong the contract of Rabbi Ben Chorin, refused to turn around, making it clear with what kind of people we are dealing in the new leadership.

Please spread this article among those who care about Judaism as Judaism, and not just as a business model for people who have failed in other professions.

Don´t let the true spirit of Jewish Berlin die, no matter how many people who are „Braun“ will try to establish a new Ghetto separated from our surrounding.

Help us to keep our beloved Rabbi and we will succeed.

Am Yisrael Chai!


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