Dear Sinai Crew worlwide,

in the great times of the 1990s many of my generation were kids who felt they should have been born in the 1960s/1970s, those exciting times when „everything changed“. As it is with Utopias, a magic shell from a fairy tale with which one can communicate over long distances is more romantic than a mobile phone, and to dream yourself into the musical „Hair“ is more romantic than holding a sign at an „Occupy Whatever“ demonstration.

The securities of the 1990s are gone. In Israel the question is not whether the next country with which it will make peace will be Syria, but whether the next world war could possibly evolve from there. In Europe the question is not which countries should join in the fun next, but which ones should stay. And how is it in Berlin? Hmmm….right now you have the choice to ask yourself whether you´re more pissed off by the Circumcision verdict or by the fact that you cannot wear a Kipa as freely as in NY.

On the other hand…did you notice something this morning? Morning has broken LIKE THE FIRST MORNING. We still live in the best world around. Our troubles shouldn´t be troubling us more than our great-grand parents were troubled by their lives in between two world wars.

Israel is in deep shit, on the other hand it is THE Start-Up-Nation. German Jews are questioned regarding whether they exist, but we are THE Start-Up-Jews.

Okay, looking at history and then at the world today, I would also be happy if Goldman Sachs wouldn´t sound so damn Jewish, but after all, I still have good hopes to be able to sing „Good Morning Starshine“ with my grandchildren one day, preferrably in a wooden hut at a Swedish lake.

According to the Maya Calendar the world will end in 2012. But the good news is that it is already 5773.

Shofar so good,

Shana Tova, Happy New Year, Frohes Neues and have a wonderful holiday season!

May G-d bless the love between lovers, the love between parent and kid, the love between brothers and sisters and of course the love of one fellow human to another.