Tents. Saturday night, after Shabbat. Moses is lying down thinking about the ongoing quarrels that have been endangering the unity of the people.

Ariel is a freelancing Torah and tabernacle carrier who works additionally in his free time as a storyteller. Because of him everyone would later know about Moses and the Israelites. But during the exodus? Don´t be so 21st century like arrogant. Back then he had to pay his bills. At this moment he was drinking Arak with a few guys from the tribe of Ephraim. He himself was from the tribe of Judah. His descendants, around 3300 years later in Berlin, would be half Rastafarii, and half Jewish. Iron Lion Zion-style.

But he felt exactly like someone who was born even hundreds of years before King David. He actually also felt a bit half-bibled.

The desert wind, which had blown quite Age-of-Aquarius-like until now, turned into a storm. The priests approached Moses and asked him „Dude, is it coming from „you know whom“ or is it just a natural phenomenon”? Now Moses was quite a relaxed prophet. He wouldn´t mind it that much if his name would appear 3300 years later in a form of written caricature. His fans would not burn the Danish flag for that. But sometimes, when he didn´t know exactly if a certain change in reality came from „you know whom“ or just „happened“, he would look like a Marketing consultant for some kind of win-win situation. So he decided to just wait for whatever happens next.

Ariel storms in the tent, out of breath.

Ariel: Moses, Moses.
Moses: eh?
Ariel: I´m having visions…
Moses: no kidding, huh? Well, join the club!
Ariel: I made contact with Aliens.
Moses: What else is new?
Ariel: They say they are soundwaves.
Moses: Been there, done that! And then they said to you „The Songlines are the paths to our ancestors“…
Ariel: No. Actually they didn´t.
Moses: So what did they say?
Ariel: So – in like 3300 years there will be a city, in which everything grows together. East and West, Past and Future. And from there will come a Shir Hadash al Zion, a new song.
Moses: Dude, we didn´t even release the „Slaves of Pharao“-Tapes yet.
Ariel: Yes, but they will be released in a time when…
Moses: …the lamb will sleep next to the wolves
Ariel: No, when customers don´t want to pay for the medium.
Moses: Pay for the what? Pay for the medium? You mean the thing the soundwaves will be saved upon? I´m happy when they don´t pay for the Golden Calf while I´m up in the mountains struggling for the medium from „you know who“.
Ariel: What should I tell the soundwaves?
Moses: Which year will it be in?
Ariel: 5773.
Moses: Whoah, I thought this whole world thing was set up for just maximum 2000 years…
Ariel: Nah man, a lot of crap will happen, things will get messed up from time to time.
Moses: I have full faith that there will always be flowers growing out of Ashes.
Ariel: Nice bro, I could listen to you forever, but what should I tell the soundwaves?
Moses: Well, that they have our blessings on their Jewdyssee!
Ariel: On their what?
Moses: On their http://www.jewdyssee.com

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