Both, and probably at the same time. Yes, the most satirical blending of two quite ridiculous and shockingly similar ideologies of the XX century Hipster Hitler with their quarterly blogging is not the web Hitler leader anymore. Michael from Scotland ignores Hitler couple of times a day by posting cute drawings of the Führer in his blog. Other  users play the popular smartphone game ‘Draw Something’ in the most boring way by simply drawing an object his or her partner has to guess, just as the rules suggest. Michael’s partners have to find the guessword somewhere on a Hitler picture, while Hitler himself, as the line below the image hints, needs to be ignored. Some 2.100 Facebook followers are watching a neverending comicstrip of the dictator’s misterious interactions with different objects, while the Tablet Magazine journalists are trying to see the signs of the great psychological liberation from the shadow of Holocaust in this new and weird trend.

In another part of the British Islands satirical journalist Charlie Brooker recommends us to be careful when shouting out ‘Hooray for the Nazis’ for a YouTube video.


Of course, Brits are officially the only nation (besides Jews, of course) allowed to joke about Nazis, simply because they are allowed to joke about anything (since they do it oh so well and actually there’s absolutely no way to prohibit them from joking). It doesn’t even matter why we laught anymore. Whether it is because a Hitler joke is still a freightening forbidden fruit, because any dictator is comical in his very essence, because we are happy to be able to laugh at it or just because a good joke needs no justifications.