I visited Poland recently, the country my parents had to leave in 1968, because they were Jewish. Working on a radio documentary on our parents Polish-Jewish history, in search of our roots, me and my cousin went to Warsaw and Wroclaw, interviewing both scientists/historians and others about the antisemitic campaign during 1968, launched by the Communist Party. I discovered these dolls, depicting Jews, holding gold coins in their hands. It seems like the echo of antisemitism is still alive Poland… With a sad, creepy feeling in my body, I thought, what would these men selling “greedy Jews” on the streets of Poland think if they went to Israel and found that one of the most common souvenirs was “Polish greedy men” with golden coins in their hands? Aren’t people thinking at all? It’s 2012. Over 60 years since the Holocaust and over 30 years since around 20-30 000 Jews were forced to leave their homeland in Europe. In my heart, I feel Jewish… And also want to feel Polish. But some part of me is still waiting for that country to erase that last echo of antisemitism, for me to feel that Polish as I wish. When will Poland make me proud and throw away these horrible dolls? Hope we don’t have to wait 30 more years.