Let there be no doubt: The remarks of the official representative of the EU, Mrs.Ashton, comparing the Toulouse terror victims to Israeli operations in Gaza, were more than just ignorant, they also showed a terrible attitude towards the comlexity of the Jewish state. We all, European and Israeli Jews should stand united against such an obvious lack of information among Europe´s Elite. But this morning I have more wrath against a journalist of YNET News than against Ashton. How irrational. But unfortunately it is just as necessary.
The article called „The day Europe died“ basically reproduces the dogma that most Israelis seem to believe as it is deeply connected to the essence of Zionism. Europe is a museum, a vacation spot, but not a place for Jews to live anymore. And let me guess where the Jews should move to. So this journalist and those who support him expect the „diaspora Jew“ to behave just accoding to the Zionist prejudice against THE diaspora JEW. He should be fearful (because of the terror), grab his stuff and run away to Israel instead of staying and fighting. While in Israel even known leftwingers such as Hadag Nahash make tracks like „Rak Po“ (Only here) about how terror attacks can be scary but are never allowed to break one´s spirit, the lives and existences of European Jews is seen as a mere step towards packing the suitcase. Maybe the first step to be accepted in your own existence, is to accept other people´s right to exist? And here there is indeed a problem. A problem at the very core of modern Jewish identity. For me it is very important to have a good, no, AMAZING relationship with Israel. Not just because of relatives and friends, but also because I deeply believe that the creation of a Jewish state has been among my Top 3 events of the 20th century besides my parents meeting and the evolution of Germany as a tolerant and open society.
So while for me my relationship to Israel is unshakeable, Israelis seem to have a problem with ME. And yes, I do understand it. In order to live in the middle east among enemies in a harsh climate without many natural resources, you need to believe in it 150%. It only works in the first place when you perceive all diaspora life as an illusion. So my Zionist Alter Ego would say: There have always been times of tolerance in the diaspora, but in the end it will always end in a holocaust. This is the dogma. The vatican. It is the result of a history writing in myths rather than in facts. Because there was no secular Jewish history writing until the times after the French Revolution, the Zionists just took religious scripture and believed everything besides the word „God“. And then it really doesn´t matter anymore if one gets kicked out of Jerusalem by the Romans or if one gets kicked out of Ukraine by Chmielnicki after helping Polish landlords oppressing Ukranian farmers. Hannah Arendt was very right about this: one of the reasons why there are so many Antisemitic conspiracy theories is that the official Jewish history is completely idealized and taken from religion. It is a known fact that Jews played a major role in transatlantic slave trade, but if you find stuff about this only in publications of Neonazis and Islamists, you will end up always feeding them with unnecessary support. And you yourself start to believe like many Israelis that Jews were always nice and peaceful and never fought back until the Israeli evolved and started saying „I don´t wanna kill, but if I have to, I do“. As if the whole world history was some kind of Braveheart-Movie without Mel Gibson.
And don´t get me wrong, if such a brainfuck was necessary in order to create the Jewish state, it was all worthwile. But now it´s not the 19th century anymore. And I do understand that Israel needs to keep up its Jewish population, also through Aliyah. And if Orthodox Jews asked me where they should live, I would always tell them to live in Israel. Cheaper kosher food and you can always wear a Kipa in the streets. But I do hope that Israelis realize that gathering all Jews in one place is something only God and Hitler have talked about so far, and that modern globalized identity cannot always look out for everyone´s ideological dreams. My dream is that one day Israelis can be proud of WHO and WHERE they are and tolerate that there are other people in the world who call themselves also Jews and also don´t like if other people try to make decisions FOR them.