The Seven Days of Creation in חי or חי in the Seven Days of Creation? 

Acrylic on Canvas, 80×80 cm, Bratislava, 2012

This painting is based on the concept of the world’s creation from the Book of Genesis and the Kabbalistic concept of  חי (life, living, alive).

The combination of these two concepts in the painting represents life, as a state of being alive, in any possible intellectual and emotional understanding. In the painting there are day and night, water above and water below, an earth with plants and fruit–bearing trees, a division between light and darkness, the planets and stars, living creatures and human beings. The romantic story and the concept of love in our understanding enter on the sixth day. From this moment on the Hebrew Bible is not following the story of the stars in detail anymore, but follows conscious life on earth and the relations between the human beings of different genders: the beginning of the romantic story and a relationship.

The question “Seven days of creation in חי or חי in seven days of creation?“ points at mysticism and realism, not judging between theoretical life (in scripture) and the kaleidoscope of the colours in our soul. Time started before humanity, but humanity is the only entity to recognize it. Based on this you find the seven days of creation inside and outside the big חי. The mystical background are the five worlds and the five levels of soul, where the חי is the “fifth element”.

Alisa Poplavskaya