This weekend two Tel Aviv web-designers started a campaign to promote Iranian-Israeli friendship via social networks. This is definitely a nice idea. I´m not sure whether it will have an effect on the course of history, but we are definitely witnessing the first steps of a global public, whether it is a KONY movie or the possibilty to promote intercultural understanding and respect with just a click. Apparently Jason Russell, the producer of the KONY movie went insane and got arrested. Let´s hope that soon media hypes will have the power to make the Konys go mad, and not the initiators. If this Iranian-Israeli friendship campaign will be able to give some smiles on the faces of Persians and Jews around the globe, it will be definitely be something to build upon in the future, as long as the non-idealistic governments aren´t quicker building up their non-ideal world of fanatism, money and blood.