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“The individual human being is like a wave on an ocean. From the surface each wave appears unique, independent, and transient. Yet beneath the surface all waves are one , interdependent, and eternal. From the perspective of the surface, each wave is born, runs its course, and dies. From the deeper perspective of the ocean there is no birth, no separate life, no death.

According to our sages there are five dimensions to human consciousness, each one larger and more inclusive that the one before it: Nefesh or life of force, Ruach or instinct, Neshama or ego, Chayya or cosmic consciousness, Yahida or unity of consciousness.

These five levels of soul correspond to five dimensions of reality, each dimension larger than and inclusive of the one before it. This is what our kabbalists call the Five Words…“

Based on the text of Rami M. Shapiro “Open Secrets. The letters of Reb Yerachmiel ben Yisrael”

Painting by Alisa Poplavskaya