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Pomegranate of Commandments
Acrylic on Canvas, 90×80 cm, Stockholm, 2008


In the painting “Pomegranate of Commandments”  the pomegranate seeds appear to the observer as Hebrew letters, hinting at the notion of the holiness of language, similar to the idea that James Joyce had for his “Ulysses”, language is the martial art of our human spiritual eyes.

This is one aspect. Based on Jewish mystical scripture a pomegranate is the symbol of the 613 commandments in the Torah. There are two different kinds of commandments: The DOs and the DON’Ts that scripture can reflect back from the reality it stems from, be it real or a legend. The same division is also to be found in the “Ten Commandments”, where five commandments present the relationship between God and humans and the other five represent the relationships among people, which can be understood both in a religious or a Kantian way. These relationships are presented by the different branches and roots, which are either growing up or pointing down. The branches which are growing up symbolize our connection to our HIGHEST, and the branches which are growing down symbolize the relationships between people.

The path inside the pomegranate begins with dark colours and at the end it becomes golden: this symbolizes the Exodus of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt to the land of milk and honey. In the colours of “milk and honey” the observer finds similarities to a map of the biblical lands. Focus on the second glimpse…
Alisa Poplavskaya