Photo: Robert Björk

So the time has come, for another adventure… I’m stepping into the world of Jewdyssee!

I feel honored to be blogging here and hope you readers will get an interesting and fun (mostly) picture of life as a Jew in Stockholm. I am involved in almost everything, so I promise to offer posts on everything from everyday life in Stockholm, to political issues (I’m usually a “thorn in the flesh” of dictators and oppressors), posts about the struggle to succeed in the music business, and of course the Jewish life in Sweden + other “jewsy”, Jewish things.

Just wanted to start with presenting myself. So who am I when I’m not blogging? I’m a rock singer/songwriter, human rights activist, law student, pretty active in the Jewish life of Stockholm. And there is more to find out, but we’ll save it for another blog post.

Will write more very soon, so stay tuned! So long,Izzy